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The ETC 34s Inc. is a Delaware based 501(c)(3) and private foundation, with the mission of enhancing the lives of our underrepresented youth through the benefits of playing lacrosse.


The ETC 34s Lacrosse Program was established in 2016, and our initial participants were 3rd/4th graders from Wilmington, Delaware. An ongoing confluence of coincidences has enabled our program to grow beyond our initial expectations. Everything we do for our participants is geared towards creating “Pros In Life”, which has become our mantra and encouraged us to create an elite environment where excellence and perseverance is the expectation. We are committed to maximizing the academic, spiritual, and athletic potential of our participants while also instilling our core values of Respect, Honor, and Integrity.


Our name honors the life and legacy of Edward Taylor Coombs, who was a gifted scholar and athlete from Horsham, Pennsylvania.  Eddie played lacrosse at Marist College, where he wore #34, and his uniquely artistic signature is boldly displayed on our uniforms to reaffirm our personal bond.


Our helmets also honor the lives and legacies of two extraordinary and extremely inspirational men who significantly enhanced the lives of underrepresented people in Wilmington, Delaware: 


Morton R. Kimmel

Cofounder of The ETC 34s Inc., Philanthropist, Attorney, and sports enthusiast


James H. Gilliam, Jr.

Philanthropist, Attorney, and former youth lacrosse player


The current members of the ETC 34s Lacrosse Team are now 8th/9th graders and registered as members of US Lacrosse. We have also expanded nationally and
have players from Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and
Pennsylvania. We train year-round at The Tatnall School. Our 2021-2022 calendar will include tournaments in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.


The mysterious origin of lacrosse is thought to have been given to the indigenous people of North America by their ‘Creator’ for spiritual development, for settling disputes, for healing of the body, and for personal enjoyment. Lacrosse teaches teamwork and camaraderie, and creates a connecting sense of family and eternal friendships.


We are truly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to continue the legacies of Eddie, Mort, and Jim.  The essence of lacrosse is giving our participants the tools to become future leaders and create their own legacies.


William R. Atkins Jr., M.D.


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